GTC 01 Chemical- Remove scale

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 GTC 01 Chemical


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 GTC 01 Chemical

1. Describe:

GTC 01 is a synthetic product, used for scale cleaning purposes for boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers ... GTC 01 preparations are particularly effective in cleaning systems that have strong deposits. The main parts are carbonate, sulfate, silicate with metals Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Fe3 + ... Preparations do not harm the system, reduce scale, prolong equipment life and reduce repair costs and operate.

GTC 01 is a multifunctional composition that works:

  •  Cleaning for boilers is due to hardening caused by hard water, due to overheating

  •  Clean residues on heat exchangers, on pipelines in boilers and refrigeration systems. 

  •  For household use to clean the residue in faucets, plumbing, steam irons ...

2. Bages: 20kg/25kg



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