Chemical metering pumps

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Chemical metering pumps

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Chemical metering pumps


Dedicated to quantify chemicals

MODEL: “F” Series, “H” Series, “V” Series, “T”Series, “AMS” Series, “AMS AC” Series.

Type: Diaphragm pump (PTFE), pump chamber PVDF - resistant to all kinds of chemicals (caustic soda, acid ...)

Capacity: From 2 - 140 Liters / hour @ 0 - 18 bar

Power consumption: 230V / 50Hz 16 - 42Watt

Standard: IP 65 (can be mounted outdoors), permissible ambient temperature (-10) - (45) oC

CE Marking (European safety certification)

Adjustment: Adjust the flow 0 - 100% according to the membrane beat rate and pump chamber volume

Accessories: Suction valve, suction pipe, push pipe, Injector

Package: The caton box contains valves, fittings and instructions for use.


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