About Us

Greentech specializes in water treatment and filtration. Waterchem provides customers with a state of the art single source, combining chemicals, equipment and filters, for overall solutions and programs to water and waste water management problems in various industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, engineering, chemical, textile and garment, electricity, microelectronics and semiconductor, pulp and paper, cement, etc.

Greentech, with skilled technical team and advanced service facilities, can perform all technical services with quality, schedule and price to meet the various needs of customers.
Greentech is authorized distributor of world-leading brands in fields of:
  • Centralized Air Conditioning system, Cooling system, Heat exchange system.
  • Boiler system, Gas generator.
  • Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor, Oxygen Scavenger for boiler water system
  • Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor, Microbiocide against moss and bacteria for cooling water system
  • Scale removing compound and Neutralizing agent for boilter water system and cooling water system
  • Water treatment equipment: Aria  water softener, activated carbon filter, iron and manganese removal equipment, dealkalization equipment - DI, Reverse Omosis equipment - RO, Mixed-Bed system, Ozone disinfection system, Ultraviolet disinfection system - UV lamps.
  • Filtering equipment: wax filter system, plate & frame filtration, air filter, aseptic filter, steam filter...
  • Treatment equipment systems for sewage water, exhaust dust and gas.
  • Laboratory basic chemicals and equipment
  • Filter media: filter gravels, quartzy sand, iron and manganese removal media - Filox, arsenic removal media, activated carbon, Cation exchange resins, Anion exchange resins, Mixed-Bed ion exchange resins, Refined Tablet Salt - NaCl 99.6% for regeneration of ion exchange resins in water softeners.