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TULSION A-23P is a strong Anion Bazo exchange particle that works on a porous polygonal matrix containing a quaternary type I quaternary ammonium group with a base equivalent to Tulsion A-23. TULSION A-23P has chemical characteristics such as Tulsion A-23 but has a porous hollow structure

TULSION A-23P capable of working very well for weak acids such as silicic acid and carbonic acid in the form of hydroxide. When dealing with water containing high molecular weight organic pollutants, this porous structure makes it easy to remove organic pollutants from the input water, and easily detoxify the pollutants. Contaminate that from plastic particles with common revert techniques. Therefore, TULSION A-23P has the ability to exchange very well inorganic substances as well as organic substances..

TULSION A-23P Commonly used in water treatment with strong acid Cation exchange beads TULSION T-42 in hydrogen form, both in a two-layer filter system and mixed bed mixed system to create highly pure demineralized water. It is well-suited for use in many different pH and temperature conditions.



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