Fleck Valve 2900

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Fleck Valve 2900

Product information:

Fleck Valve 2900

1. Features
• Incorporates 2 time-tested, hydraulically-balanced pistons
to independently pilot service flow and regeneration
• For use with single or multiple tank systems
• Backwashes softener tanks up to 36" diameter
• Continuous flow rate of 106 GPM
• Lead-free brass* valve body for superior strength and
1. Options
• Meter delayed or immediate initiated regeneration
• No hard water bypass
• Electronic timer, XT, 3200NXT and 3214NXT
• Service valve operator
• Auxiliary switches
• Environmental cover
• Upflow regeneration
• Side mount
• Treated water regeneration
• Choice of 7 or 12 day timer
• Hot water up to 180oF for any filter or 1600 brine system or
metered control valve
• Hot water up to 150oF for any 1700 brine system or metered
control valve
• Filter or softener control valve


3. Warranty: according to manufacturer standards


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