Water softener

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Single or double softening device: capacity from 0.5m3 / h - 200m3 / h or depending on the design. Softening equipment is very safe and sustainable in very heavy working conditions.

Containers, filters and control valves are made of high-resistant materials, which should remove all probability of leakage.

Control valves are multi-function automatic control valves (for small capacity) or a combination of hydraulic valves and separate controllers for large power systems, so the control is easy. and safe. Equipment includes:

Composite tank. The valve operates automatically or semi-automatically Salt barrels, including float valves, straws and salt nets. Tulsion T42 Na strong acid Cation exchange beads Pure salt tablets used for reconstitution.


Fully automated Regenerate according to the amount of water used by reverse flow.

All valves are fully automatic with a regeneration cycle at the time of installation.

Uses water softener Water treatment for boilers and boilers of small, medium and large capacity.

Water treatment for refrigeration equipment. Water treatment for food industry, pharmaceuticals.

Operating principle: In the process of softening water, Ca and Mg salts form the hardness exchanged with sodium salt, forming good soluble salts in water and not forming a hard deposit on the surface. When ion exchange particles are full, they are reconstituted with saturated salt solution. When reconstituted, Na + ions in the salt solution push out Ca2 + and Mg2 + ions, thereby restoring the ion exchange capacity of the filter particle.

Normally 1 liter of filtered granules requires 60-160 g of salt to regenerate.

Revert The reconstitution is carried out by reverse inversion method, ensuring complete reconstitution of ion exchange particles, ensuring stable soft water of good quality. In addition, it saves energy use.