Sodium hydroxide NaOH 99%

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 Sodium hydroxide NaOH 99%


 Sodium hydroxide NaOH 99%


Chemical formula: NAOH
1. Image

Colorless, soluble flakes (soluble in water, alcohol and glycerin), insoluble in gasoline, acetone
2. Application

Sodium Hydroxide is one of the basic chemical materials of the national economy, widely used in light industry, chemical industry and metallurgy, textile and dye industry, medicine, pesticide, and organic chemistry. synthetic muscle…

3. Storage and storage: 
- Store in a dry place, away from contaminated, damp and acidic environments.
- Avoid being damaged during transport. 

- Handling: This product has strong corrosion properties (caustic soda), please apply labor safety methods before using

4. Pages: 25 kg
5. Origin: China / Tawan / Indonesia / Thailan



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