Polymers chemical

 Polymers chemical

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Polymers chemicals

1. Describe

Polymer chemicals are a chemical widely used in wastewater treatment industry. Used in chemical and physical processes to increase the flocculation capacity of waste water. Thanks to the polymer, the sludge formations will be larger, so that the sedimentation effect is better, the water will be treated more effectively.

Their high efficiency is shown by the fact that only a very small amount of polymer (a few parts per million) of turbid water has become clear and to dry a ton of mud, only a few hundred grams of polymer is required.

This polymer is also highly effective for filtration and separation processes when hydrating products, especially refining metal oxides and extracting minerals.
Due to the low cost, simple method, high quality water product, the combination polymer method has a leading position in domestic cleaning and making technology. Sludge drying is a very effective field in sludge treatment, as well as in the drying of mortar technologies.
The chemical of the synthetic polymer polymer is poliacrylamide and its copolime.

2. Classify:
C - Cationic A - Anionic N - Nonionic
C - Cationic : soluble in positively charged polymer molecular water.
A - Anionic : soluble in positively charged polymer molecular water.
N - Nonionic : Water-soluble polymer molecule does not carry electric or polarized dielectric.

3. Bages: 25kg/bao


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