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 PAC Chemical


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 PAC Chemical

PAC is a special basic salt of aluminum chloride designed to obtain coagulated flocculation energy more than conventional iron salts and iron salts. PACs are manufactured and used first in Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, USA ... and other countries. PAC products have been commercialized under the licenses of most of these countries and combined with economic superiority when compared to other traditional flocculants used in water treatment.

Recipe: [Al2(OH)nCl6-nXH2O]m

1. Uses: flocculant used in water and wastewater treatment
2. Basic chemical composition: Poly Aluminum Chloride, with Chlorin-based disinfectant.
3. Advantages
- Limiting the adjustment of pH of source water such as alum currently used, thus saving chemical dosages (used to increase alkalinity) and accompanying devices such as chemical tanks and quantitative pumps.
- The dose is low, cotton is easy to settle.
- Reduce the volume of mud.
- Increase the clarity of water after settling, prolong the filtration cycle and increase the quality of filtered water.
4. Preservation - Preserved in dry, cool place
5. Bages: 25kg

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