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 Membrane - UF


Superfiltration (UF) is a pressure filtration process that removes oil, metal hydroxide, colloids, emulsions, suspended solids, bacteria, and most large molecules from water and other solutions. . Ultrafiltration membrane has many models, types and sizes suitable for your application, such as: water filtration for industrial and electronic systems; Filtering domestic water, oil refining, fruit juice, milk and yogurt, paints, pharmaceuticals, alcoholic drinks, and tertiary wastewater.



  • Structure: Hollow fiber
  •  Membrane material: UPVC
  •  Membrane material: hydrophilic PVC
  •  Turbidity after filtration< 0.1NTU
  •  Eliminate Microorganisms and Bacteria 99.99%
  •  Remove impurities: 100%



  • Pre-treatment of industrial RO system, industrial water filter for electric, electronic, chemical industries etc.
  •  Filter drinking water.
  •  Handling recirculating water in industries such as printing, washing, paper ...


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