Membrane GE - hollow fiber ultrafiltration

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Membrane GE - hollow fiber ultrafiltration


The UF filter from GE is a filter that uses hollow fibers - hollow fiber, with billions of holes in the surface. The size of these holes is thousands of times smaller than the diameter of a hair. Therefore, these hollow fibers are barriers to dirt, but they allow clean water to pass through. Clean water enters the filter.

GE Hollow Fiber ultrafiltration



RO is a very sensitive membrane and requires high input water quality. If the pre-filtration system for RO membranes is not good, it will cause problems for RO membranes such as fast-clogging membrane, regular membrane cleaning, low water recovery rate, high operating costs ... Therefore, using technology UF pre-filters for RO is advanced and efficient technology. UF filter will ensure the following problems for RO:

+ Ensure reliability for RO

+ Eliminate problems of colloids, bacteria and suspended inorganic substances that clog the ducts causing pressure loss.

+ Remove dissolved salts, minimize sludge.

+ Minimize suspension caused by microorganisms

+ Turbidity is always lower than 0.1 NTU

+ Silt Density Index (SDI – indicator of water's dirt) < 3


    Technical specifications:

+ Material: PVDF

+ High oxidation resistance (500,000 ppm Cl2)

+Wide operating pH range: When filtering: 5-9.5 and when cleaning: 2-11



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