Maxtreat 9002N Chemical - Anti microbial moss RO membrane

Maxtreat 9002N Chemical - Anti microbial moss RO membrane

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Maxtreat 9002N Chemical 


Product information:

Maxtreat - 9002N  is a microbial antifouling agent that is recommended to control inorganic substances in surface water, groundwater and seawater.

1. Effect

  • Effect at pH 6-10
  • Handling well in high saline brackish water, water

2. Featured products

  • Certification according to ANSI / NSF standards
  • Create complexes with ions and keep them suspended
  • Distorting crystals and making them unable to adhere to the membrane surface

3. Characteristic

  • Soluble: easily soluble in water
  • Dosage: 1-6ppm
  • pH: <4
  • Specific weight: 1.1-1.2

4. Storage and safe use:

  • Use in dry conditions, tightly closed and not exposed to air
  • Avoid letting the eyes debut and skin

5. Bages: 20kg/25kg/35kg


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