Maxtreat 651- Chống rong rêu, vi sinh hệ thống lạnh

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Maxtreat 651

1. Describe

  • MAXTREAT- 651 is a road spectrum - Highly effective against bacteria andalgae, particularly against iron & nitrifying bacteria. Performance is not affectedby oil, organic or ammonia contamination.
  • MAXTREAT- 651 is recommended as a preservative and biocide in fuel tanks,antifungal paints, cosmetics etc.
  • MAXTREAT- 651 is compatible with all cooling water programs normally usedin industrial cooling systems.
  • MAXTREAT- 651 Effective in a broad range of pH from 6.5 - 9.0

2. Safe

  • MAXTREAT-651 is a biocide. Do not get in eyes, on skin or clothing. As a general rule, exercise caution while handling any chemicals. In case of any contact with skin or eyes, wash the
    affected area with plenty of water and get medical help. Spills make the floor slippery. Product is stable under normal conditions of storage and operation.

3. Packing

  • MAXTREAT-651 is available in 35 kg HDPE carboys. Any specific packing size / Bulk supplies, in 200 Kg barrels or more can be arranged as per request.



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