Maxtreat 2550- Resists corrosion & corrosion for open refrigeration systems

Maxtreat 2550- Resists corrosion & corrosion for open refrigeration systems

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Product information:

 Maxtreat 2550

1. Description

  • MAXTREAT- 2550 liquid formulation of scale inhibitors and antifoulants along with inhibitors for noble metallurgy designated to protect recirculating cooling water systems
    from scale, fouling, iron fouling and corrosion. The product contains specialized inhibitors based on latest generation polymer technology and organophosphonates for
    controlling precipitation of calcium phosphate, carbonate, sulfate and dispersion of heavy metals and suspended solids.

2. Benefits

  •  Latest generation copolymer and organophosphonates for effective inhibition of Scale and Fouling by Fe, Ca, SiO2, heavy metals and by suspended solids (air andwaterborne). Good PO4, SO4 scale inhibition.
  •  Effectively inhibits corrosion of Noble Metallurgy with chlorine stable azoles
  • Stable in normal operating conditions including chlorination.
  • Effective over a wide pH range.
  • Also functions as an all organic corrosion inhibitor for MS.
  • All azoles etc chlorine stable. No need to alter feed during application.

3. Handling and safety

  • Dosages of MAXTREAT- 2550 varies depending upon the make up water quality and operating conditions.
  • MAXTREAT 2550 should be dosed at a point in the system at maximum turbulent zone for good mixing. Thermax will assistyou in designing optimum product requirement


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