GTC M2 Chemical - Clean the micro algae RO membrane

 GTC M2 Chemical - Clean the micro algae RO membrane

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 GTC M2 Chemical 


Product information:

 GTC M2 Chemical - Clean the micro algae RO membrane

1. Describe

  • GTC M2 is a chemical that does not oxidize microorganisms with main components Isothiasoline has a broad spectrum of bactericidal activity and microorganisms in RO system.



  • The operation of RO equipment has created a favorable environment for microorganisms to grow (for example, filtered bacteria, inorganic salts, organic residues, substances of origin). biological). RO membrane structure itself is also a source of nutrition for aquatic organisms to grow. This development of microorganisms reduces filtration efficiency, increases pressure difference, reduces device capacity and reduces the quality of demineralized water. The downtime also causes damage to the membrane structure.


  • GTC M2:Special antiseptic on polyamides and acetate cellulose membranes, resists the biochemical effects of microorganisms, eliminates odors, restores membrane capacity, extends device life and reduces usage costs.
  • GTC M2: Stable, no foaming, no evaporation, no loss due to evaporation. GTC M2 does not react with metals, rubber and materials that make up the device. The composition can be used in both acidic and alkaline environments.

3. Advantages

  • Effective in wide pH range
  • Broad spectrum antibacterial
  • Suitable for all types of membranes
  • Easy to use

4. Physical parameters

  • Description: greenish yellow liquid Ingredients:
  • Isothiazolines
  • Smell: neutral
  • Water solubility: completely

5. Safe


  • Harmful if swallowed, if swallowed, drink plenty of water
  • If the cord is attached to the eye, it will cause burning, and must be washed immediately with water for 15 minutes



6. Packing: 20kg / 25kg​​​​​​​

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