GTC M1 chemicals - Clean the RO membrane scale

GTC M1 chemicals - Clean the RO membrane scale

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Product information:

1. Describe

GTC M1 is a thickening composition designed with main organic acids and fluoride salts with a strong detergent effect for RO membranes.  

2. Application

  • GTC M1 The deposits in the operation of the RO device can cause damage to the film, reducing the operating capacity and making the water quality finished. These deposits may be inorganic salts, substances of biological origin, colloidal particles, insoluble organic substances..
  • GTC M1 is an organic acid solution specially designed to wash inorganic salts Carbonates, sulfates and silicates with calcium, barium, strontium and iron metals from the RO membrane surface.
  • GTC M1 Cleans sediments on the pores of polyamides and acetate cellulose membranes, restores membrane permeability and capacity.
  • GTC M1 Help extend device life and reduce maintenance costs

3. Advantages

  • Suitable for all types of membranes
  • Stabilize and effectively clean all types of inorganic residues
  • Help prolong life
  • Easy to use

4. Technical specifications

  • Description: colorless liquid to light yellow
  • Ingredients: organic acids, fluoride salts
  • Smell: spicy
  • Water solubility: completely

5. Safe

  • Harmful if swallowed, if swallowed, drink plenty of water
  • Eye contact causes burning

6. Crating: 20kg/25kg

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