GTC 09 Chemical - Remove algae for cold system.

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 GTC 09 Chemical


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GTC 09 Chemical

1. Description

GTC 09 is a synthetic, alkaline composition consisting mainly of halogen compounds, special acides, inhibitors ...
GTC 09 is an alkaline product used for cleaning algae, algae, fungi and water disinfection for swimming pools, plumbing, cooling towers.

The composition is also used to remove biological residues on different types of surfaces, effectively lightening metal surfaces.
GTC 09 Non-foaming and soluble in water with different hardness and temperature.


Effective cleaning for all types of surfaces

  • Has antiseptic properties
  • Clean all kinds of moss, mold, and scale of biological origin.
  • Low foaming solution
  • Easy to use, extends device life
  • Save labor cost for cleaning and scrubbing Does not cause explosion

3. Packing: 20kg/25kg


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