Environmental status


Currently, environmental pollution is a hot topic on newspapers and has received a lot of attention from the people. In particular, especially the problem of water pollution in Vietnam has become more and more serious. Through the media, we can easily see the images, as well as articles that reflect the current state of the environment. Although departments and unions tried to call for environmental protection, water resources protection, ... but it seems that it is not enough to improve the pollution situation becoming more serious.

The planning of urban areas is not associated with waste treatment, waste water treatment, ... still exists, so in big cities, industrial parks, urban areas, ... Environmental pollution is at an alarming level. According to estimates, among 183 industrial parks in the country, over 60% of industrial parks do not have centralized wastewater treatment systems. In urban areas, only about 60% - 70% of solid waste is collected, infrastructure for drainage and wastewater and waste treatment cannot meet the requirements of environmental protection. Most of the waste water contaminated with grease, cleaning chemicals, dyed chemicals ... has not been treated directly into natural rivers and lakes. An example has been concerned by public opinion, the case of Thi Vai river is polluted by chemicals discharged from Vedan MSG factory for 14 consecutive years.

People raise awareness about environmental protection, throw garbage in the prescribed place, do not litter indiscriminately. Education, raising awareness for children about environmental protection. In addition, the use of cleaning chemicals should be limited when dealing with sewer drains, as this will inadvertently introduce a new hazardous waste, and also cause water contamination. Instead, apply a way to handle clogged drainage pipes with microorganisms.