Water softener

  How hard is water harmful to health?

 + In daily life: If you use hard water to cook food, the meat is hard to ripen; when brewing tea will lose the taste of tea. If washing with hard water will cause more soap as Ca ++ makes acidic precipitate in soap and makes soap free from foam.

 + In industry: Hard water causes industrial equipment such as boilers, sanitary equipment, cold equipment ... will cause the equipment to be fouled on the cooking surface, reducing the coefficient of circulation and flow. on the pipeline, leading to high pressure can cause the boiler to explode for a long time.

So how many types of softening equipment?

Currently, there are 2 types of water softeners that are semi-automatic and automatic.

+ Automatic water softening device includes: Pressure column, ion exchange resin, reconstituted solution container, auto revert auto valve

+ Semi-automatic softening equipment: Pressure column, ion exchange resin, reconstituted solution container, salt suction valve.

However, semi-automatic softening equipment is most popular in Vietnam, because it is a durable device, has a longer life span than automatic softening device.

Advantages of water softener

+ Resisting pipe sludge. Technically, it is the processing of raw water from the beginning (from ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, wells ...) into water to ensure standards for living, production, breeding ...

+ The device helps us completely eliminate the factors causing hardness in the country such as Calcium, Mangan ...

+ Ensure the quality of the filtered water meets the standards of the Ministry of Health for high-end domestic water for high-class apartments, high-class resorts ...